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Press Statement on Health Committee and Legislative Committees reports on Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill

Better Communication with the public and more joined up thinking needed in the Bay

In responding to the release of the Health and Social Committee and the Constitutional Legislative Affairs Committee Roy J Thomas of Kidney Wales said “ From reading the reports it is clear that better communication with the public and more joined up thinking is needed in the Bay. We expect scrutiny of this important Bill and we will go through the conclusions and evidence of both Committees in detail. It is important that the public has confidence in the legislative process and the debate around the drafting and the principles and how it operates.

He added “We continue to believe that countries have deemed consent save more lives than those who do not have this system. Nothing in the evidence or conclusions have jumped out at us to say that this is bad law. It will change the culture in the UK and it needs changing as patients on the transplant waiting list are in desperate need.”

Mr Thomas looked at other countries, “Examining the Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill has been a matter which the Assembly Government should take in their stride. It should look at other countries such as Belgium for guidance. This is not reinventing the wheel. “

Kidney Wales are pleased that the Health Committee agreed, by a clear majority, that it should proceed to the next stage of the legislative process and agree with that outcome.

Kidney Wales believes that the principle objective of the Bill is not only the need to increase the number of organ transplantations in Wales and to save more lives – but is to change the culture and encourage people to think of others.

“You are more likely to need a transplant than provide an organ.” said Melanie Wager a patient advocate at the Charity.

Mr Thomas added “The Health Committee, today urged the Welsh Government to set out its position in a clear and consistent manner from this point forward. We too are keen to see implementation undertaken properly. We too also want clarity on how the Government will positively communicate with the public from now on. “

“In our evidence we stated that the Welsh Government should look again at its proposals for a Wales-wide publicity programme to inform the public about how the Bill will affect them. We note that the Health Committee remained to be convinced that the one detailed is sufficient to meet the Government’s own aspirations. We call on Government to work with the third sector on this as in the Donate Wales Campaign which was a success and funded by Government and involved several charities and the BMA.”

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